I International
Vocal Competition

"Wind's Voices"
Dear friends!
Dmitry Danilov music agency
invites you to take part in the
I International Vocal Online-Competition "Wind's Voices".

Of course, historically music competitions were meant as events where musicians from different countries and cities met, communicated, exchanged repertoire and competed - after all, the competitive element in art is not as important as in sports, but it is also very interesting.
When the coronavirus pandemic began, the usual connection, the usual communication between people was disrupted, many aspects of life had to be revised. And, of course, in these conditions, it has become very difficult to hold contests in the usual face-to-face format. But the need to hold music competitions has not gone away, so the organizers began to transfer contests to online mode.
It would seem that with the weakening of coronavirus restrictions and the resumption of public events, the need for online contests could "come to naught", but everything turned out to be completely different. In the last few years, the world has been constantly shaken by cataclysms - wars, revolutions, epidemics. Because of this, logistics has become significantly more complicated, air ticket prices have increased, and for many artists, a trip to an international competition has become a very difficult, and sometimes impossible task. But participation in international competitions is the most important element of creative development - in addition to an important competitive element, it is the exchange of experience and repertoire, and acquaintance with different singing schools, and the discovery of new styles and directions in the performance of music.
Therefore, Dmitry Danilov's Music Agency decided to establish the First International Vocal Competition "Wind's Voices".

Features of our competition
The competition will be held in an unusual format. The first round will be held in the form of a "blind audition" - based on audio recordings submitted by participants under the motto or pseudonym. Based on the results of listening to audio recordings, the jury will make estimates, after which the finalists will be determined.
The second round of the competition will be held based on video recordings, from which the online concert program will be compiled. During the broadcast of the gala concert, an audience vote will be held, during which the winner of the audience sympathy will be determined. As at our already well-known "New Melodies" composer competition, the names of the jury members will be announced simultaneously with the summing up of the competition.
The Voices of the Wind competition is a partner of the International Composers Competition "New Melodies" and one of its main tasks is to increase the interest of performers in the work of contemporary authors and create creative contacts "composer-performer". Therefore, in the requirements for competitive programs, the emphasis is on the performance of music written in the XXI century.
  • Section 1. Academic vocal
    Vocalists using the academic style of singing participate. You can present the program with an accompanying piano, or accompanied by an instrumental ensemble or even an orchestra.
  • Section 2. Folk singing
    Vocalists using the folklore style of singing of any people of any country in the world can participate here. There are different categories - you can present the program both accompanied by traditional instruments and in a mixed genre (for example, folk-rock). You can present an a-capella program, accompanied by live instruments or under the backing track.
  • Section 3. Chamber-variety vocal
    Performers using chamber-variety singing style participate (genres such as Russian romance, French chanson, Argentine tango, etc.). You can present the program both accompanied by live instruments and under the backing track.
  • Section 4. Jazz vocal
    Performers using the jazz style of singing participate. It is possible to present the program both accompanied by live instruments and under the backing track.
  • Section 5. Pop vocal
    Performers using the pop style of singing participate (rock music performers can participate in the same nomination). It is possible to present the program both accompanied by live instruments and under the backing track.
  • Section 6. Authors-performers.
    Authors who perform their own compositions participate, regardless of the style of singing used. It is possible to present the program both accompanied by live instruments and under the backing track.
A music archive work on our website. In this archive you can find scores of compositions of most of the participants of "New Melodies" International Competiotion
Go to the music archive
and artistic director
of the competition
  • Dmitry Danilov

    laureate of all-Russian
    and international competitions,
    General director of
    "Dmitry Danilov Music Agency" LLC

Dmitry Danilov is russian composer, choral conductor.
Graduate of the faculty of conducting of the St. Petersburg Conservatory
Since 2000 he has directed various choral groups in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.
Among the works - compositions for a symphony orchestra, choir, also chamber instrumental music, romances, songs.
Laureate of the I competition of composers "Romanos Melodos"
Laureate of the S. S. Prokofiev's All-Russian Competition of Composers

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Also, the sheet music of Dmitry Danilov compositions is available on our website

How do I become a contestant?

You need to fill out the application form, attach all the materials listed in the regulations to it, and send it by email to the Organizing Committee of the competition - voiceswinds@gmail.com
Applications are accepted from March 1 to April 18, 2023
Within two days after submitting the application, we will send you the details for payment of the registration fee. You should pay the fee by the end of the application period and send a scan or photo of the receipt confirming the payment of the registration fee
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Contact us:
Questions to the Organizing Committee can be asked via WhatsApp or Telegram messengers by phone +7-911-995-33-50, +541126857206 or by e-mail voiceswinds@gmail.com . Also subscribe to us on social networks.

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