"The New Melodies"
II International
Composers Competition
Dear friends! At this difficult time, when the activities of theaters, concert halls and other cultural institutions were suspended for a long time almost all over the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, when for several months, events, performances, concerts were canceled one after another, when many regular competitions were reformatted (and continue to be reformatted) online, the history of "The New Melodies" International competition for composers has begun. The Composers' Competition is, in any case, an event mostly in absentia, therefore, regardless of the development of the pandemic, it will take place, and its format will not undergo significant changes.
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The features of our competition
Our competition is a great opportunity to prove themselves to both novice composers and experienced masters, both professionals with a conservatory education, and amateur authors, both citizens of Russia and foreign colleagues. The conditions of the competition are democratic and fair: the complete anonymity of the participants and members of the jury will be maintained until the results of the competition are summed up, which will allow an honest and objective assessment of the compositions submitted to the competition; the presence of both professional composers and concert performers in the jury will allow to approach the assessment of the composition from different positions; the division of the participants into the nominations "young composers", "amateurs", "professional musicians", "professional composers" will give a chance to sound the works of authors who do not have professional composing and musical education, which can become a very important feature of our competition – if we recall the history of music, many serious composers of the past centuries were self-taught, but their works, including large-scale forms (operas, symphonies) have been performed by leading performers in the largest theaters and concert halls of the world for many years. Well, the prospect of performing and recording compositions by professional artists and creative teams is a great incentive for many authors to create, and, of course, to participate in our competition!

  • Section 1. Choral music
    There can be presented choral works for both secular and spiritual texts, both compositions for the a-capella choir and for choir with instrumental accompaniment. There is present different categories - compositions of large (including cyclic) form, and choral miniatures
  • Section 2. Vocal music
    Vocal compositions of any styles and genres can be presented here - from academic music to romances and pop music. There are also categories of large form and vocal miniatures. In addition, an important bonus for composers writing in the genre of romances and pop songs is the opportunity to submit their compositions to the competition in the form of a melody with harmonic digitalization.
  • Section 3. Chamber instrumental music
    And here you can submit to the competition chamber instrumental music for any ensemble of instruments, composed in any genre - there are categories of academic and pop (including jazz, blues) music, as well as large forms or miniatures
A little history of our competition
"The New Melodies" composers' competition was held for the first time in 2021.
102 composers from 17 countries of the world submitted 166 compositions for "The New Melodies" first composer's competition. The selection of the International Jury was not easy. As a result, 18 compositions became laureates, and were performed at the gala concert of the competition on May 30, 2021 in the White Hall of the Polytechnic University. The winners were 18 different composers (although many of them submitted several applications), which indicates a very high competition among the compositions submitted for the competition. Among the winners of the First competition were both quite famous composers, members of the Union of Composers of Russia – Vyacheslav Zuev, Ekaterina Karpenko, Ekaterina Shatrova, Alexander Sokolov - and little-known, and sometimes very young composers.
The members of the jury of the I International Competition of Composers "New Melodies" were
bright St. Petersburg composers Sergei Pleshak and Alexander Sledin,
one of the leading composers of Samara Alla Vinogradova,
charismatic Polish choral conductor and composer Wojciech Gluch,
a young talented composer from Argentina Santiago Veros
and the brilliant Diana Petrova Darnea, a Russian opera and chamber singer from Germany.
The gala concert took place on May 30, 2021 in one of the most beautiful concert halls in St. Petersburg - in the White Hall of the Polytechnic University. Сhamber choir "Petersburg Serenades", "Izmailovsky" string Quartet and a number of soloists - vocalists and instrumentalists - performed all 18 compositions of the winners of the competition. The concert also featured compositions by members of the jury and the organizing committee of the competition.
You can read an article about the gala concert of the I International Competition of Composers "New Melodies" in the independent electronic music newspaper "Music of Russia", author - composer, laureate of All-Russian and international competitions Ekaterina Shatrova

Recently, a music archive has been working on our website, where the scores of most of the participants of "The New Melodies" I International Contest are posted
Go to the music archive
The gala concert, which will feature the best compositions of the competition participants, will be held in St. Petersburg during 2022. At the same time, the awarding of the laureates and diploma winners of the competition will take place. We really hope that the situation in the city by that time will allow us to hold a gala concert as a public event.

We will do our best to ensure that you get real satisfaction from participating in our contest. We wish you great creative success and victories!
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Head of the Organizing Committee

of the competition

  • Dmitry Danilov


    laureate of all-Russian

    and international competitions,

    General director

    of "Dmitry Danilov Music Agency" LLC

Dmitry Danilov is a musician from St. Petersburg, composer, choral conductor.
Graduate of the faculty of conducting of the St. Petersburg Conservatory
Since 2000 he has directed various choral groups in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.
Among the works - compositions for a symphony orchestra, choir, also chamber instrumental music, romances, songs.
Laureate of the I competition of composers "Romanos Melodos"
Laureate of the S. S. Prokofiev's All-Russian Competition of Composers

You can read Dmitry Danilov's interview on the "Belcanto.ru"

You can read Dmitry Danilov's interview on the commonwealth of literary projects "Russian Field"

You can listen to the compositions of Dmitry Danilov on Youtube
How to become a participant in the competition?

You need to fill out the application form, attach all the materials listed in the regulation, and send it by e-mail to the Organizing Committee of the competition - newmelodies@bk.ru
Applications are accepted from 10 to 31 January 2021

Within two days after submitting the application, we will send you the details for the payment of the registration fee. Before the end of the application period, you should pay the fee and send a scan or photo of the receipt confirming the payment of the registration fee

Contact us:

For any questions write to us at newmelodies@bk.ru, and also subscribe to us in social networks
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