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  • Transposing of sheet music It's no secret that vocalists often have situations when the key in which a particular piece is written turns out to be inconvenient for performance. It is good if you cooperate with an accompanist who can play any piece in any key. But there are not so many such pianists - yet the vast majority of accompanists prefer to play in the key that is written in the notes. Therefore, we offer you a set of sheet music in the "Finale" program with translation into any key. This will make the performance convenient for you and comfortable for the accompanist!
  • Composing an accompaniment Sometimes there is a situation when the composition you like can be found in the notes only in the form of one vocal line. It can be difficult to perform compositions recorded in this way - not all pianists love and know how to compose accompaniment. Especially if you want to perform a composition accompanied by an instrumental ensemble. We are ready to help you solve this problem - competently and professionally we will write an accompaniment to the required composition for any squad of instruments!
  • Musical notation based on the audio version of the composition It happens that there is no way to find the musical notation of the composition you like - the sheet music of the composition may be unpublished, not published on the Internet, etc. In this case, we can also help you: we will write down any composition with notes, focusing on the audio recording, and we will process it for any composition of performers!
  • Musical arrangement and orchestration It happens that you need to make an arrangement of a ready-made composition for another composition of instruments or voices, according to the capabilities of your ensemble, choir or orchestra. Remember - the best arrangements and orchestrations are made by professional composers!
  • Backing tracks You perform a variety repertoire, but do not want to use the "consumer" backtracks ones from the Internet, and prefer have an exclusive version? Or do you need a soundtrack of a song that no one has performed before you? Or do you want to adapt the songs of the past years to the modern realities? Or maybe you have to perform a composition of musical classics in the central square of your city, and you need an orchestral sound track? We will help you solve any of these issues, and you will be able to perform in any stage conditions with accompaniment as high-quality back track!
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