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  • Computer set of sheet music It's no secret that the musical performing by handwritten notes until recently it was considered normal and almost the only possible way to perform compositions. But in the last 30-40 years, with the active spread of computer programs for typing sheet music and copying equipment, the performance of music based on the manuscript has become archaic. Of course, it is more convenient and pleasant to play music based on printed notes. Therefore, we offer you a set of printed sheet music text in the "Finale" program for your manuscript, the output of parts from the finished score, preparation for publication, translation of the file into various formats (PDF, etc.). We accept scores of any complexity!
  • Writing musical accompaniment Amateur composers often find it difficult to correctly write an accompaniment to their melody, so they limit themselves to a vocal line. It can be impossible to perform compositions recorded in this way. We are ready to help you solve this problem - competently and professionally we will write a musical accompaniment to your composition for any squad of instruments!
  • Musical notation from a voice or instrument For amateur composers who do not know musical notation. It happens that a fantastically beautiful melody came to mind, and you hummed it on a dictaphone. Or you picked it up on a musical instrument. What's next? Contact us and we will make a ready-made musical composition out of your melody!
  • Musical arrangement It happens that you need to make an arrangement of a ready-made composition for another composition of instruments, but you are not familiar with the possibilities of the new squad, or you do not have time for this. What to do? Entrust your composition to professionals!
  • Backing Tracks Recently, more and more concerts have been held, where there is no opportunity to perform songs to "live" instrumental accompaniment. Sometimes it's the whims of the organizers, but it happens that this is due to objective circumstances - it's true, you can't roll out a grand piano on the street stage in the central square! Therefore, modern situations require the production of Backing tracks. This can be either a set of orchestral scores, or a variety arrangement. Contact us and you will be able to perform your compositions in any stage conditions!
  • Performance and voicing of the composition Often, for some reason, composers do not have creative contacts with performers, so they are forced to write music, as they say, "into the table" - the music is written, ready, but has not been performed for many years. Accordingly, the composer gradually loses the incentive to continue composing music. We can help you find a way out of this situation - since we cooperate with many professional performing musicians and creative teams, we can do everything to make your composition sound - choose the necessary squad of performers, organize rehearsals, studio recording and even include it in the concert program!
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